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You have a lot of options when it comes to finding job online which could suit your needs. If you want to call the shots, then one way to make that happen is through affiliate marketing. You can also go the traditional route and telecommute for a company.

Affiliate Marketing

If you want to be your own boss, then this is something you should consider. There are many other options of course, but this is my favorite. Here are more reasons why I prefer affiliate marketing:

Low Start Up Cost

If you’re on a budget and want to go start your own business online, then this type of online business is a viable Working from homeoption. Joining an affiliate program is almost always free, while domain registration is pretty cheap; about $10-$15 a year.

Hosting is inexpensive, ranging from about $4-15 a month depending on which package you choose. There are tons of hosting companies available, giving you a choice of the litter. is a good example, because they’r
e reliable, and have a high customer satisfaction rating.

When you add everything up, you can have your own online business for less than $100 a year if you’re really trying to pinch your pennies.

You’re not responsible for maintaining inventory, shipping, and other overhead which comes from running a traditional business. It’s for these reasons why internet marketing costs are very low.

Creating Websites is Easier Than Ever

You no longer have to worry about learning HTML, CSS, PHP, etc., if you want your own website. Building one has pretty much become an automated process and you can have a site up and running in a matter of seconds. Once it’s going, start filling it with high quality content.

Great Training is Available

Learning how to monetize your website and making it profitable can be found on the internet for free. The idea however, is to work smarter, not harder. There are many products which can teach you how to make money online. Some are decent, but most of them are junk and complete rip offs.

My go to place for making money online is Wealthy Affiliate. They provide excellent, up to date training which teaches you how to become a successful online entrepreneur. Best thing of all, it’s free to join, and you’re not required to pay for a premium membership.

Don’t worry, that’s the extent of my sales pitch. I won’t drone on about how awesome that place is. If you want to find out more, then click the link in the previous paragraph.

Highly Flexible

You’re the boss of this operation. Set your own schedule and how many hours you work each week. This is especially great for parents who want more time freedom to spend with their kids and families. If you’re like me and hate the idea of being underpaid while having to spend 40+ hours working for someone else, then this could be your calling.Tablet, coffee, blog

Work From Anywhere

Do you also hate the idea of working at a retail job, waiting tables, or a cramped cubicle? Not to mention fighting traffic when making your way to the office?

All you need to work online is a mobile device (laptop, tablet, etc.), a decent wifi connection, and great content ideas. Provided your favorite location has free wifi available, you can work from just about anywhere.

Promote Products Related to Your Hobbies

What is one thing you may think about while at work? That you’d rather be somewhere else, doing your favorite thing?

If you like to travel, play video games, or rock climb, or have other interests then you can get paid for promoting products related to your niche.

Catering to a Warm Market

One thing which is nice about online marketing is customers already have some interest in a product (or a similar one) you’re promoting. You’re not starting out with “cold calls,” and using sales pitches to elevate buying temperature. Your prospects have previously researched the product, and now making a decision on whether or not to buy it.

Your goal is to convince them to pull the trigger. This is done through blog posts/article reviews on the product you’re promoting. Give them a thorough overview, go over its pros and cons, and create a discussion.

Once you’ve helped your customer make up their minds, they’ll click your link and get redirected to the online store you’re affiliated with. The final result being a purchase being made, and you receiving a commission from the sale.

My Honest Opinion

Online marketing can give you the financial and time freedom everyone dreams about. It’s a very profitable business, but a lot of effort needs to be made on your part. Most everyone will not become a success overnight, but success will come if you apply enough elbow grease. You have to want it bad enough if you want to succeed. Here’s a simple, final question before moving on: Do you?

Telecommuting Jobs

Remote jobs have been significantly on the rise over the years with many employers offering their associates telecommuting positions. Working from home is becoming more commons these days, and will continue to increase in the future.

With that said, here’s a list of companies courtesy of FlexJobs which offer work from home positions:

A Place for Mom
Adobe Systems
Allergan Inc
American Express
Anthem, Inc.
BCD Travel
CACI International
Cactus Communications
Connections Education
CSI Companies
Dell SecureWorks

First Data
General Electric (GE)
Kelly Services
McKesson Corporation
Nationwide Insurance
Overland Solutions, Inc.
Red Hat
Robert Half

Sutherland Global Services
Thermo Fisher Scientific
U.S. Department of Agriculture
U.S. Department of Transportation
UnitedHealth Group
University of Maryland University College
Working Solutions
World Travel Holdings

I want to add that this is not an exhaustive list, and not even the tip of the iceberg. These are just some of the top companies out of about 40,000 which allow you to work from your home. Clearly, you have options when it comes to working for yourself, or remotely for someone else.

Questions and Comments

Do you work from home? Tell us what you like or dislike about it! If you any questions, then leave them below. Thanks for reading!

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